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Viral The Search for the Origin of Covid-19 m4b

Torrent: Viral The Search for the Origin of Covid-19 m4b
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Viral: The Search for the Origin of Covid-19

Matt Ridley, Alina Chan (Author)
Gavin Osborn (Narrator)
HarperAudio (Publisher) 
Release Date: 2021-11-16 (Audiobook Release)
Language: English

Audio Files: 22 m4b
Duration: 11hours 16minutes 57seconds
615 MB (645,663,510 bytes)

Format: AAC 128Kbps variable stereo with tags

Format: AAC LC
Format/Info: Advanced Audio Codec Low Complexity
Codec ID: mp4a-40-2
Bit rate mode: Constant
Bit rate: 128 kb/s
Channel(s): 2 channels
Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz

Text Files:
Alina Chan and Matt Ridley - Viral The Search for the Origin of Covid-19 2021.epub


Publisher's Summary:
A new virus descended on the human species in 2019, wreaking unprecedented havoc. Finding out where it came from and how it first jumped into people is an urgent priority, but early expectations that this would prove an easy question to answer have been dashed. Nearly two years into the pandemic, the crucial mystery of the origin of SARS-CoV-2 is not only unresolved but has deepened.

In this uniquely insightful book, a scientist and a writer join forces to try to get to the bottom of how a virus whose closest relations live in bats in subtropical southern China somehow managed to begin spreading among people more than 1,500 kilometers away in the city of Wuhan. They grapple with the baffling fact that the virus left none of the expected traces that such outbreaks usually create: no infected market animals or wildlife, no chains of early cases in travelers to the city, no smoldering epidemic in a rural area, no rapid adaptation of the virus to its new host - human beings.

To try to solve this pressing mystery, Viral delves deep into the events of 2019 leading up to 2021, the details of what went on in animal markets and virology laboratories, the records and data hidden from sight within archived Chinese theses and websites, and the clues that can be coaxed from the very text of the virus's own genetic code.

The result is a gripping detective story that takes the listener deeper and deeper into a metaphorical cave of mystery. One by one, the authors explore promising tunnels only to show that they are blind alleys, until, miles beneath the surface, they find themselves tantalizingly close to a shaft that leads to the light

Rating: 3.5/5 (25 votes cast)

Category: Audio
Size: 625.25 MiB
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5 files
Added: 2021-11-27 22:43:00
Hit&Run: 97%
Tags: OpenSight Software FlashFXP 3795 Multilingual Incl Keymaker and Patch CORE
Release name: bsg4you

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