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Talisman 3.3 + Registration

Torrent: Talisman 3.3 + Registration
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Talisman Desktop 3.3  (build 3300)
Desktop manager and shell replacement for Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008 and Windows7
(C) Lighttek Software 1997-2011 

   Information for Windows 9x/Me/NT4 users
   New in version 3.3
   Installing the program
   Updating the program
   Installing as default shell
   Uninstalling the program
   Distribution terms
   Disclaimer of warranty


Using "Talisman", you can build any interface for your computer.
"Talisman" hides the standard desktop of Windows.
You create and add almost any type of object to the Talisman desktop, and attach 
any type of internal Talisman commands or run any application. Objects 
(which can be either visible or invisible) can be programmed to react to 
mouse clicks or mouse movements. You can also add background pictures 
to the desktop and add sounds to different events. All settings and pictures 
are stored in a theme file. You can even make more than one theme and use 
objects with links to go from one theme to another. 
You can use Talisman as your default shell instead the Windows Explorer.
Talisman has its own startup ,system tray, taskbar and startmenu procedures.


· Creating multilevel user defined desktops 
· Use of any number of pictures of any type or dimension, instead of standard icons. 
· Place, free-moving and imposing of objects in the Talisman workspace. 
· All objects can run external programs or internal shell commands by one click of the mouse. 
· Any number of forms (screens) in one theme. Any screen object can be set to switch from one form to another. 
· You can create a set of independent themes, and store them on any disk in the local computer or on a local area network.
· You can easily switch between different themes through your own objects or through the Talisman menu. 
· The Built-in Object Editor allows the creation, modification and removal of any element in a theme. 
· Large number of basic elements (forms, pictures, buttons of different types,text blocks, HTML, Flash objects, clocks, calendars and other) 
· Customizable system tray, taskbar and clock. 
· Sound support for all events. 
· Applications menu, Task menu, Theme menu, Foldermenu, Run, Find, Desktop, ControlPanel, Network, Dialup, Documents and other internal commands.
· Script language.
· Messages engine for communication with other programs. 
· Plugins.
· Keyboard control. 
· Protection and limited access functions.

Information for Windows 9x/Me/NT4 users

From version 3.2 Talisman Desktop does not support old systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT4.
If you need to use Talisman in old Windows OS - please download an older version "Talisman Desktop 3.1" from: http://www.lighttek.com/download.htm

New in Talisman Desktop 3.3

- Updated Talisman Tray to fix some problems under Windows Vista/7.
- Added Sound icon in Talisman Tray.
- Added Power icon in Talisman Tray.
- Added dragging files on List objects function in "Top forms".
- New "Gradient" option for Talisman menus.
- New "Scroll by Mouse Wheel" option for List objects.
- New commands "tobject <form>.<object>.moveup=line" and "tobject <form>.<object>.movedown=line" in a List object to scroll Lists.
- Updated "Themes submenu".
- New faster procedure in "sendcommandto" function (transfer Talisman commands between different Talisman windows).
- Fixed bug in autostart procedure for shell-mode of Windows Vista/7 (multistart of some applications).
- Fixed bug in "Automatic control of screen resolution" procedure.
- Fixed some bugs in the List object.
- Other changes and corrections.

Installing the program:

- If you work in shell mode of Talisman - switch your shell in standard Windows shell Explorer.exe.
- If you need to save your previously installed default Talisman themes ("Default", "Norway" and etc) - copy these themes in other folders.
- Install the newest version of Talisman. 
- If you want Talisman to execute at startup, place a Talisman shortcut in your 
Startup Directory (c:\windows\start menu\programs\startup).
- Read an information about Shell mode of Talisman if you plan to use the Talisman as shell.

Fast installation to many computers for corporate users
Please read instructions in Talisman Help file: Registration and Installation>Corporate Installation

Updating the program:

- If you work in shell mode of Talisman - switch your shell in standard Windows shell Explorer.exe.
- If you need to save your previously installed default Talisman themes ("Default", "Alpine" and etc) - copy these themes in other folders.
- Install the newest version of Talisman over your previously installed version. 

Installing as default shell

At first please read the" What to do if the system will not startup with Talisman as the shell?" before installing Talisman as your default shell!

To start Talisman as default shell:
Select "Shell Switcher" in MainMenu>Settings  to switch between shells (Talisman and Explorer). Press "Switch shell..." button and press Ok. Computer will be restarted with selected shell.

Notes for multiuser configuration of Windows2000/XP/Vista/7:  
To have possibility to use different shells for different users you have to login as Administrator (or user with Administrator rights) and switch shells with Shell Switcher  at least once. Talisman will make all necessary changes in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key of your register. These initial changes are available only from Administrator (or user with Administrator rights) account. 
After that you can use Shell Switcher to switch shells from any user account.

Uninstalling the program:

If you want to uninstall Talisman, use the Control Panel's "Add/Remove Programs." 

Exit from Talisman before uninstall!

Please do not uninstall Talisman in the shell mode of Talisman. Switch your shell to explorer.exe (useTalisman Shell Switcher ) and only then uninstall Talisman from the standard Windows shell.


Start Talisman.exe from Windows environment (by double click in Explorer for example).

Note for Windows Vista/7 users: 
If you have an error message "Exception EOIeError in module talisman.exe at 000512DC. Error creating system registry entry" at start:
It means that Talisman can not write its settings in registry and initialize Microsoft HTML plugin because you use the "User Account Control" (UAC) function on your computer. To solve this problem:

You can start Talisman as an Administrator: right click on shortcut (or shift+right click) and press "Start a Program as an Administrator".

More easy way: just uncheck the "User Account Control" in your user account settings.


We accept the following types of payment: Credit card, Fax, Phone, Mail, Cash. On payment approval we'll send you the registration key which will remove all limitations of unregistered version.  To purchase the program point your browser to the following URL and follow instructions onscreen: 

The fee for registered version of Talisman 3.xx is: $25.00

Distribution terms:

Talisman may be distributed freely in its original unmodified and
unregistered form. The distribution must include all files in the
original distribution. 

Distributors may not charge any money for it, while
they may charge money for the medium (online-time, CD-ROM, etc.).

If you like to bundle Talisman with other programs, goods, services, 
etc. you are selling in a registered form please feel free to contact 
us at: http://www.lighttek.com/support.htm to figure out the conditions.

Disclaimer of warranty:

This software is sold "as is" and without warranties whether expressed or
implied. Because of the various software and hardware environments into
which this program may be put, no warranty of fitness for a particular
purpose is offered.

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